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Our approach to Virtual learning

The Crest Academy’s Guiding Principles
In order for our students to thrive and prosper, they must experience a robust and rigorous
curriculum aimed to change, inspire and empower them. Our students are exposed to a breadth of
knowledge before a refinement of their skills and deepening of the knowledge to best support them
in the key exams which will shape the rest of their lives. This combination of depth and breadth
equips our students to be well-informed, practical and versatile young members of our community,
fuelling their potential to succeed in their desired route in life.
The Crest Academy’s Virtual Learning Principles

Shifting our mindset:
The change to a virtual context requires us to adapt and communicate more effectively with our
pupils and parents. The work that we send out to pupils and parents is an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our teaching and curriculum planning and what we stand for as a school. It is an opportunity to develop and foster the independence of our learners, supporting them to become the driving force in their own learning. This requires our planning to be explicit, inspirational and supportive. We must remember the needs of our learners and use this as an opportunity to ensure our scaffolding supports them all in accessing the learning.

Our Expectations:
Students will receive a broad curricular experience where they can continue to experience a range of subjects. Teachers will prepare lessons where they offer clear and direct instruction of what students should achieve out of the lesson. Powerful knowledge will be explained through visuals, recordings, and examples to show students what they should know. We will then check students’ understanding of this knowledge. Subsequent lessons will ensure that there is full understanding and will deepen and extend knowledge.

In order for us to best support students through virtual platforms, we require high levels of
engagement and communication – resources are being planned thoroughly to ensure students
continue to learn. We need parents to communicate if there are issues in accessing virtual platforms
and to support students to complete the work in line with the deadlines being set.

What our students will experience: the example below is for years 10 and 12 but will become our
standard operational model for all year groups from the beginning of May.

Crest Essentials – English Version

Crest Essentials – Arabic Version

Crest Essentials – Romanian Version


Supporting independence

Week by week topics



Praising Excellence


Enkeleda Beqaj Year 9- English

Maya Hatata Year 9 – English

Rizona Year 8 – Geography


A Christmas Carol Exam Question- By Sanya A – year 11 – English

Lady Macbeth essay by Esha Manjal – English

Lady Macbeth by Fatemeh Ilya – English

Essay on Power by Oba Oyekunle – English

Lady Macbeth Essay – Oba Oyekunle – English

Extract from The Prelude by Zaenab Jaf – English

Sidra Walli – Year 10 – Geography

why her work is in the spotlight


The Hanmaids Tale by Hifzah Malik –  English

Unseen Prose  by Sarah Shah – English

Unseen Prose Extract The Bloody Chamber


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