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Supporting an E-ACT family out of Afghanistan

12 October 2021

While visiting Afghanistan in July, a family with children at both E-ACT Crest Academy and Braintcroft Academy found themselves caught up in the violent attacks taking place across the country. So precarious was their situation they went into hiding from the Taliban, moving from home to home every few days.

Eventually the family managed to contact the trust and the chief executive, Jane Millward, was able to escalate the issue as far as the secretaries of state for education and foreign, commonwealth and domestic affairs, getting them placed on a government return list when they weren’t previously.

Headteacher, Likhon Muhammad, was in constant communication with the family via WhatsApp, supporting them through every step of the process, and to everyone’s relief, they returned to the country on 10 September.

Their incredible story was covered on BBC London news on Wednesday 6 October 2021, with the children, Jane, Likhon and Lord Jim Knight interviewed, helping to bring greater awareness to the plight of many who remain in Afghanistan.

Watch the BBC London coverage below.

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