EAL Department

The department caters for the needs of students for whom English is an additional language. These learners include a wide range of students, from total beginners to those with a high level of proficiency in English. They are from diverse backgrounds and cultures as shown by the number of languages spoken in the school community.

Jennifer Hughes – Curriculum Director for MFL and EAL
Daniel Zwyno -Teacher of EAL
Segun Akinbola -Teacher of EAL
Marta Leja – Teacher of EAL

Key Stage 3

EAL specialists work alongside subject specialists in the mainstream classroom and support the EAL students’ acquisition and development of language.
Students are also taught separately for more intensive language work on specific areas of the curriculum and to cater for specific individual need.

Students receive English tuition sessions twice a week. The focus of teaching is on the language of the mainstream curriculum to ensure students can access all the subjects on offer and achieve their full potential. These sessions focus on developing language competence across all 4 key skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition, EAL students have access to Lexia software to facilitate their language acquisition and enhance progress.

Key Stage 4

Students are offered ESOL as an option subject. These sessions focus on raising achievement in English and support literacy across the curriculum through grammar and extended writing.
The EAL department also manages the Community Language provision and students are encouraged to participate in the GCSE Community Language program, which prepares them for their GCSE exams in their community language. The department offers GCSE’s in Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Gujarati, Urdu, Russian and Persian


With such a wide range of cultures and languages spoken at the school we are keen to foster a mutual respect for those of different cultures and beliefs through a variety of celebrations such as European Day of Languages, International Day and International Refugee Week.
Students are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities offered by the EAL department: EAL Homework clubs for KS3 and KS4.

The department also offers support to new arrival students via the Young Interpreters’ program. The scheme buddies up speakers of community languages with new arrivals to support a smooth transition into school life.

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