How we support our students

We recognise that you will need support and advice, which will help you thrive as an independent young adult at The Crest Academy Sixth Form. You will be allocated a Personal Tutor with whom you will meet regularly to discuss your progress and concerns so that you achieve your academic and personal goals. Personal Tutors will also support you in your transition from school into Higher Education, employment and training. Additional support is provided by our highly skilled Learning Mentors who help students overcome any barriers to learning.

Coach Bright

Coach Bright is a unique mentoring programme run by Kings College graduates, the programmes aims to helps students improve their grade, confidence and expectations.

  1. Core university access programme: university student’s coaches’ pupil in Year 10-13 around chosen subject.
  2. Peer to peer leadership programme: Year 12 pupils coach pupils in Years 8-10.

The programme provides a kick-start and environment where the most able are encouraged to academically flourish. Pupils are paired with relatable role models who are only a few years older in the educational journey (either at university or in sixth form).

Girls Network

The Girls network is a female one to one mentoring scheme, which will match students with an inspiring female professional, who will support them over the course of an academic year. Alongside this mentoring, we also provide access to high quality workshops, exclusive networking opportunities and work experience that girls may never have had access to otherwise.

Career Ready Programme

Through this programme, students are offered a series of master classes on employability skills, paid internships for the summer holidays and a range of sector-specific insight days and work experience opportunities.

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