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Uniform Letter

Uniform at E-ACT Crest Academy

The academy uniform is an important aspect of student appearance. Students are expected to always wear the correct uniform during the day when travelling to and from the academy and for educational visits.

The E-ACT Crest Academy uniform can be purchased from Rumbles Uniform Shop. Please find store information below:

Rumbles Uniform Shop
598 High Road (near HSBC bank)

Telephone: 02089021393
Opening times
Monday – Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm.
Sunday: closed.
Nearest Tube: Wembley Central

To order your academy uniform online, please click on the link below:

Order Uniform


For more detailed information about The Crest Academy uniform please see the full uniform policy and the following guide:

Uniform Policy



  • Blazer with Academy logo
  • Academy long sleeved sweater (jumper)
  • Academy tie
  • Black skirt or black trousers with a button and zip (no lycra trousers without buttons or a zip/leggings/jeggings/jeans/skinny trousers/shorts/culottes/tight or short skirt – must be at knee length or ankle length)
  • White long-sleeved shirt (buttoned to the collar)
  • Plain black socks (below the knee) or plain black tights
  • Flat, plain black shoes (no trainers, woolly/ugg boots, no boots or heels)
  • Plain black outdoor coat (no cardigans or hoodies) – may not be worn indoors
  • Robust black bag large enough to carry an A4 folder
  • Note: Students may wear a plain black scarf in accordance with their religion (no tassels, other colour or decorative pin may be worn).

PE Kit

All pupils must wear:

  • Black PE jogger and/or Black PE shorts with Crest Academy logo
  • White polo shirt with Crest Academy logo
  • Black PE sweater (in colder months) with Crest Academy logo
  • Plain white or black trainer
  • Optional Winter coat with Crest Academy logo
  • All pupils must bring their PE Kit to all PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.


Sixth Form Dress Code

  • Students are expected to dress smartly to reflect the level of professionalism expected in the Sixth Form.
  • Professional, business-like attire, reflecting a position of responsibility in the community and the stage they are at towards professional employment.
  • Dress to set a positive example to others in the school community.
  • Promote the professional ethos of E-ACT Crest Academy to the wider community.
  • Appropriate for the learning environment.


Expected Standard of Business Attire

  • Smart shirt, blouse or top
  • Tie
  • Smart trousers or knee length skirt.
  • Smart shoes.
  • Smart coat or jacket (these are not to be worn in the classroom or other designated study spaces).
  • Smart plain backpack or shoulder bag with no logos or striking patterns.
  • Students will be sent home to change on arrival if not meeting the expectations for the Sixth Form.


Additional Information

Make-up, false eyelashes, nail varnish or jewellery – must not be worn for school.

  • Items of jewellery which are not in line with the policy will be confiscated. If ears are already pierced, only one small, plain gold or silver-coloured stud may be worn in each ear lobe. No other body-piercing is allowed, e.g., nose studs, tongue studs or other ear piercings.
  • All studs should be removed for PE.
  • Coats, jackets or hats must not be worn inside the Academy building
  • Coloured hair extensions, patterns shaved into hair, unnatural colour dyed hair is not permitted.


Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be on, or visible once students are in the Academy building or on its grounds
  • Mobile phones should be kept turned off and in bags, lockers or inside blazer pockets
  • If students have their phones out and it is seen by a member of staff, the phone will be confiscated
  • Failure to hand mobile phones to teachers will result in a sanction in accordance with the Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policy


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