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Uniform Letter

The uniform has been designed to be neat, hardwearing and as economical as possible. The Crest Academy items are available from Rumbles school outfitters on Wembley High Road:

Tel 02089021393
Store Open; Monday to Saturday
10am to 5pm, Sundays-phone to check

Order Uniform

For more detailed information about The Crest Academy uniform please see the full uniform policy and the following guide:

Uniform Policy

All pupils wear:

  • Blazer with Academy logo
  • Academy long sleeved sweater (jumper)
  • Academy tie
  • Black skirt or black trousers with a button and zip (no lycra trousers without buttons or a zip/leggings/jeggings/jeans/skinny trousers/shorts/culottes/tight or short skirt – must be at knee length or ankle length)
  • White long-sleeved shirt (buttoned to the collar)
  • Plain black socks (below the knee) or plain black tights
  • Flat, plain black shoes (no trainers, woolly/ugg boots, no boots or heels)
  • Plain black outdoor coat (no cardigans or hoodies) – may not be worn indoors
  • Robust black bag large enough to carry an A4 folder
  • Note: Students may wear a plain black scarf in accordance with their religion (no tassels, other colour or decorative pin may be worn).

Sixth Form (Girls)

  • Black, grey, navy blue or pinstripe suit (skirt, dress or trousers)
  • Any colour shirt or blouse
  • A smart cardigan or jumper (any colour)
  • Smart shoes

Sixth Form (Boys)

  • Black, grey navy blue or pinstripe suit (blazer and trousers)
  • Any colour shirt and tie
  • A smart jumper or cardigan(any colour)
  • Smart Shoes

PE Kit

All pupils wear:

  • Black PE jogger and/or Black PE shorts with Crest Academy logo
  • White polo shirt with Crest Academy logo
  • Black PE sweater (in colder months) with Crest Academy logo
  • Plain white or black trainer
  • Optional Winter coat with Crest Academy logo
  • All pupils must bring their PE Kit to all PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.


Pupils are not permitted to wear:

  • Students are only allowed to wear one stud earring or sleeper in each ear lobes. No hoop earrings or other jewellery such as rings or necklaces are allowed.
  • Make-up is not allowed for students in years 7-11. If it is worn, students will be provided with wet wipes to remove it.
  • Casual shoes, trainers, boots, Velcro or canvas shoes or stiletto heels
  • Coats, jackets or hats must not be worn inside the Academy building
  • Accessories
  • Jeans, leggings, jeggings, lycra trousers with no button or zip or casual trousers
  • Only black headscarves are allowed for students in years 7-11
  • Acrylic or gel nails/nail polish/nail jewellery
  • Piercings (facial/tongue)
  • No hats, caps or woolen beanies are allowed
  • Coloured hair extensions, patterns shaved into hair, unnatural colour dyed hair not permitted
  • A watch can be worn

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be on or visible once students are in the Academy or its grounds
  • Mobile phones should be kept turned off and in bags or inside blazer pockets
  • If students have their phones out and it is seen by a member of staff, the phone will be confiscated
  • Failure to hand mobile phones to teachers will result in a sanction in accordance with the Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policy
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