The Crest Academy House System

The Crest Academy House System aims to encourage our students to work collaboratively to create a climate of community spirit and comradery. Students will also develop leadership skills and represent their house in a variety of activities and events.

Students can win house points through:

  • Student Leadership
  • Taking part in clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Receiving awards
  • Community Service
  • Competitions and many more

Each student has been allocated a house and must have a badge on their blazer to show which house they represent.

  • Team Jessica Ennis
  • Team Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Team J.K Rowling
  • Team Mo Farah

The house names were chosen by student leaders across the school. Badges must be placed on the left lapel of the school blazer.

Please click on link for a tutorial on how to iron house badge onto school blazer.



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