Crest Academy Book Fair

20 November 2019

Crest Academy are holding a Book Fair from Monday 2nd December to Friday 6th December at lunch and break time in our library. Students will be able to purchase books, posters, and stationary for prices ranging from £2.99 for books and £0.40 for stationary.

Key Stage Three students are able to win a £5 voucher to spend at the fair! They must participate in a book quiz at school for a book at their Accelerated Reader level and show understanding of at least 85% of the book in order to be able to enter. There are five to give away.

Parents can also purchase vouchers in advance for an extra 20% to be used at the book fair! This can be done at This might be a good option to avoid students bringing too much money to school. Students who purchase products will also be given a receipt as proof of purchase.

Please email Sheena Peckham if you have any further questions –

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