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In-year Admissions

In year admissions

Have you just moved to the area or want to change your child’s school? Here is the information you need to know for in-year admissions.  

  • To apply for a place at the Crest Academy you will need to apply via Brent Admissions, and not directly to the school.
  • Go to Brent Admissions
  • Register your details to setup an account
  • Follow the step by step process

For quick access please click on the link below:



When you apply for a school place, you must have parental responsibility for the child and submit evidence to show that you and your child live at the address you have stated on your application, even if you have been placed in temporary accommodation. You also have to provide evidence showing your child’s date of birth. Please note that you may be asked for further evidence if applying under medical/social needs etc.

Once Brent admissions have allocated a place for your child, you will be placed on a waiting list. Places will be allocated as they become available and prioritised according to our over subscription criteria – please click on the link below for further details on our over subscription criteria: Crest Admission Arrangements 2023

Once a place becomes available you will receive an offer letter in the post from Brent. Once you have received your offer letter please contact the school to start the admissions process. 

Please be aware that a child’s position on the waiting list does not depend upon the time they have been on the list, but will be determined by how they meet the oversubscription criteria . This means that a child’s position on the list can go down as well as up, depending upon the child’s circumstances and those of other applicants. Please note that the waiting list will be closed at the end of each year and will not roll over.

Need any support?

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Officer if you would like any advice or help on how you apply.

Varsha Vekaria, Admissions Officer


Phone: 020 8452 4842

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