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Supporting Our Students Who Have Special Educational Needs

The inclusion team is fundamental in ensuring that every child at E-ACT Crest Academy is ready for university and ready to be a leader.

We celebrate the rich diversity in our staff and student population: faiths, nationalities and backgrounds. We also recognise that some students may face obstacles in their journey to university or in becoming leaders. Therefore we:

  • Identify these students through rigorous processes;
  • Intervene to ensure that rapid progress is made by all;
  • Monitor the progress and adapt our interventions where necessary.

Further to this, we facilitate the development of skills which will make students successful as leaders. To do this we:

  • Promote the Achievement Centre as a facility for all students;
  • Develop the culture and ethos across the school to celebrate diversity;
  • Actively teach and promote British Values as part of an induction programme for new arrivals and ongoing.

In order to ensure that every child makes good progress, we apply the following interventions based on need.

The Crest Academy Accessibility Plan

SEND and Learning Policy 23-24

Inclusion Provision Map

SEND School Information Report 23-24

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