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All KS3 year groups follow a programme which includes:

Year 7: Musical elements and singing skills, African music, keyboard skills, pop songs since 1960, scary music and intervals and instruments of the Orchestra.

Year 8: Reggae, Blues, Jazz and Big Band, Viennese Waltz, Indian music and Gamelan.

Year 9: Minimalism, Dance music including Hip hop, Music and the Media from advert to film music.

All units incorporate and develop skills such as composing using Garageband and Logic, perfecting performance skills by playing instruments and listening and appraising skills for assessment at the end of each unit.

The units studied at KS3 have been set up to prepare students for Music GCSE, ensuring that they have the right skills to take music as a subject at a more advanced level, and even looking at a career in music for the future.

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Music: Board AQA.

Two compositions in different styles, one is to a set brief from the board and the second composition is a free composition in any style. Both compositions are worth 15% making the composition unit a total of 30%

One solo performance (15%)

One ensemble performance (15%)

Listening and appraising exam focusing on the four Area of Studies :

  • Western Classical Tradition 1650 – 1910. Set work Haydn Symphony 101 in D major The Clock, movement 2.
  • Popular music. Set works from The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – With A Little Help from my Friends, Within You Without You, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  • Traditional music. Set works from Santana Supernatural – Smooth, Migra Migra and Love of my Life.
  • Western Classical Tradition since 1910. Set works Aaron Copland – Saturday Night Waltz and Hoedown from Rodeo.

All GCSE Music students receive free tuition on an instrument of their choice, and participate in at least one of the ensembles on offer through the department.

Subject leader of music/ Deputy Director of Performance: Miss Kim Ferguson.


Through our courses students can follow a number of career pathways including musician, music producer, sports journalist, physio, actor or actress, stage design, director, teacher, sport development officer, coach, sports scientist, digital arts and TV presenter.



The Music department offers students a wide range of enrichment activities throughout the year open to all students both in and out of GCSE Music. We provide access to professional instrument tutors for a minimal cost on the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Drum kit
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Violin

We provide access to a range of musical activities such as KS3 choir, Ukulele Club, The Create Music Club and Music Technology/Recording club.

Malak El-Riani

Malak is one of the many talented singers here at The Crest Academy. Last year Malak was the first place winner in the EACT Spotlight competition where she performed her beautiful version of Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of all.

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