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Regular reading is one of the best ways for students to improve their vocabulary and their attainment.

Reading helps students’ understanding of the literature they read in lessons and helps them to be more confident verbally. At home, students should be reading at least 30 minutes every day – this can be fiction or non-fiction. Please see below for a list of recommended reading books your child could be reading at home. These are also available in the library.

There are a few new initiatives in place to help boost literacy levels.

1 – If your child has a reading age below 7.5 they may be selected to be part of a Phonics intervention. This aims at rapidly improving your child’s decoding skills. You will be contacted if this affects your child.

2 – All Key Stage 3,4 and 5 students need to have a reading book with them as part of their equipment. There will be checks in tutor time every morning.

3 – Every day Key Stage 3 students will have 20 minutes DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). This will be on a rota throughout the week and will expose students to more literature. They need to have their reading book with them at all times for this, but also the teacher may choose an extract to read with them during this time.

4 – All Key Stage 3 students will have a sixth English lesson added to their timetable starting in September. This lesson is reserved for a Library lesson. During this lesson they will participate in the Accelerated Reader programme. This programme determines what level students should be reading at and tests students at the end of each book they have read to determine when they can move onto a more challenging book. Books will have numbers on their spine to tell you what level they are up to, so you can track their improvement.

The Crest Academy Reading List

Literacy is a big part of our school and our library is a big part of helping students improve their literacy. Recently, a survey was sent out to students asking them what they would like in their library and we have created an Amazon Wishlist to allow the school community a big say in what students are able to read. Click here to see the items you can donate to The Crest Academy.

Literacy at Home

Please see information below about ways to help your child engage in reading at home. There are a variety of websites to access as well as writing competitions.

We also have our own website for students to use:

All students should be reading at least 30 minutes a day to ensure their reading level is improving. Being at home is a great opportunity to ensure your child is reading more than this to accelerate progress. Please access our reading list on our Literacy page if you would like more guidance as to what your child should be reading.

Key Stage Three:

Accelerated Reader
All Key Stage Three Students have access to Accelerated Reader at home – this is a website where they can quiz on any books they have read from home so we can track their progress. Please ensure they are doing this weekly. There are termly competitions with book packs an Amazon prizes up for grabs – all students have information on this posted on Show My Homework.
Website Access:

If you need access to more books, this is a great website that has ebooks that are linked to Accelerated Reader. Students need to search for their level and can read online. Please note that there are books here up to Level 5.
Website Access:

All Students:

All children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed. Students can have the physical book and hear it read to them, or simply sit back and listen to a reading.

Pobble 365
Description: a new image is published each day as a basis for creative writing. Story starters, questions and drawing ideas are provided. This is something you could engage with your child throughout the week. This would be particularly good for Year 10s who are developing their creative writing skills for their English GCSE Language Paper 1.

Free viewings of Shakespeare productions at The Globe
Our students study Shakespeare throughout their schooling. Below is a great opportunity to watch productions they have studied.

‘Hamlet’ (2018), April 6-19
‘Romeo & Juliet’ (2009), April 20-May 3 Year 9
‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2013), May 4-17 Year 7
‘The Winter’s Tale’ (2018), May 18-31
‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’ (2018), June 1-14
‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ (2019), June 15-28

Free viewings of National Theatre productions
Another great opportunity to watch professional theatre productions. Year 9s are currently studying Jane Eyre – so this is a great opportunity to gain more exposure to the text. There are other productions each week too.

Jane Eyre – Year 9
9th April 7pm-16th April

The following competitions are all great ways for your child to practice writing at home. If you would like further information please contact Sheena Peckham – our librarian:

Into Film Reviews: If you enjoy movies and you enjoy writing, and you want a chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher, this is the contest for you.
Due Date: Ongoing contest.

Foyle Young Poets: If you enjoy poetry more than prose, this might be for you. There are 100 winners. Students will receive a certificate for entering and variety of prizes if you are one of the winners.
Due Date: Ends 31 July 2020.

Tourist Trail Dream UK Holiday: Write at least 400 words describing your perfect UK holiday. Prizes contribute to a day out at a UK attraction. Entrance information on website below.
Due Date: Closes 15 May.

Author of Tomorrow: 500-5000 word (depending on your age) adventure story to win prizes between £100 and £1000 as well as become digitally published. How many young people can say they’re a published author?
Due Date: Closes 5 May.

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